Are you seeking to push your work forward into new dimensions? Our expertise in developing and producing specially designed laser photometric systems enables you to secure a
leading position in chemical and physical analysis. VISOLAS diode lasers and laser photometry modules play precisely from UV to NIR, even at the smallest dimensions. Our compact laser measurement solutions open up entirely new possibilities for analysis that are simply not available for users of standard light sources or LEDs.

The sound element of the VISOLAS laser photometric systems is our proprietary measurement scheme employing very short, only nano second lasting light pulses. With that technique it is not only possible to realize cost-saving higly precise bi- and polychromatic measurement solutions. More importantly, in contrast to solutions with incoherent light ligth sources, it allows the collection of valid measurement results at an unmatched high sampling rate while still complying with the restrictions for an eye-safe laser class 1 product.